Welcome To The Unofficial Newick Church of England Primary School Website

We are incredibly proud of the children and staff at Newick CE Primary School. They have a very supportive school community and work very hard to ensure that the partnership they have with the governors, the parents and those linked to the school such as ourselves is a very positive one. When we observe the children working, hear them singing, see them performing in the school productions, watch them relate to the staff, speak to them about their learning and see the pride on their faces when they have achieved something, we know what it is that makes the school special. We are all very proud of to be friends of the school.

“At Newick CE Primary School we will provide the opportunity for personal achievement, through daily challenge in a caring environment.” – Darren Vallier, Head Teacher


Their academic record speaks for itself. The teaching at Newick is good. They consistently average A-C grade G.C.S.E. results for the majority of their male and female pupils. At least one student from the school has gotten into a redbrick University every year for the past six years.

They have a terrific English department where the pupils study Shakespeare’s plays. Ever year they take them on trips to London to watch actual productions of Macbeth and Hamlet.

They also have a fully equipped science laboratory where the children are allowed to perform experiments on hamsters and rats. Statistically, the majority of the school’s graduates who go on to study at University do science related degrees.


Each year, the school puts on three plays. One a Christmas nativity play, and two drama productions. They have a multi-cultural student base, and they understand that not all parents will want their children participating in Christmas plays. Children from such families normally assist with the administration of the plays, so that they are not actually taking on a role that is inconsistent with their family religion.


The school has a thriving sports and P.E. department. The students take part in all sorts of games and sports. The boys play football, rugby, basketball and do cross-country running. The girls play netball, do skipping and cross-country running.

The sports department was recently one of a number of schools awarded the Discovery fitness instructor course scholarship in recognition of the outstanding work it does in keeping the children fit.