Newick Church of England Primary School

'Life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Art and Design

Curriculum Aims

Wisdom - Our children will have the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.

Independence - Our children will think critically and seek to develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design.

Creativity - Our children will produce creative pieces, explore ideas and record their experiences.

Kindness - Our children will know about great artists, craft makers, designers and understand the historical and cultural development of different art forms.


 Art and Design Across our School, from Early Years to Year 6.


Progression Documents

Art & Design Skills Progression Map 2021-2022Art & Design Curriculum Progression Map 2021-2022 


Early Years

Within Early Years, opportunities for art to be explored through child-initiated activities are evident through the continuous provision provided. Key vocabulary and techniques are modelled by staff,  to  embed these concepts. Activities are planned to identify key skills and to make cross-curricular links where appropriate. Staff ensure that their interactions and questions support the child’s individual development and progression through their creative activities. 

Ongoing opportunities for children to explore and revisit their learning is at the centre of the Early Years provision and ensures that art is seen as a creative way of expressing their ideas, thoughts and understanding of other curricular subjects. Children's artwork is displayed around the learning environment, and conversations are encouraged by staff both peer to peer about their creations, and between the children and staff.


In KS1 children continue their exploration of a range of materials and mediums. Children are able to use different materials to create sculptures, with cross curricular inspiration. Children draw and paint using paintbrush and pencil skills. The children are encouraged to develop their skills, begin to consider their creative decisions, and share their ideas with others. Children investigate different art and design techniques using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. 

Children learn to look at the work of Artists, Craft Makers and Designers and describe what they see. They begin to observe and talk about similarities and differences between the work of an Artist, Craft Maker and Designer and their own work. 


In lower KS2,  children use a sketchbook to record observations of their artwork and the work of different Artists. The children use different art and design techniques with increasing confidence, including drawing, painting and sculpting with different materials (i.e. pencil, paint, clay). Children begin to refine their skills, can practise and apply control when using different apparatus and explore different materials, showing creativity. Children move towards researching the work of great, historic Artists, Architects and Designers and recording their findings. Children evaluate their own work and record what went well and what could be improved.

In upper KS2, the children can record complex observations of their work and a range of Artists and present them in a unique way. Children continue to practise and apply their art and design techniques, but move towards also improving their work, including drawing, painting and sculpting with different materials (i.e. pencil, paint, clay, charcoal). Children apply and develop their control when using different apparatus and reflect on their technique. By the end of KS2 pupils at Newick will be exploring and experimenting with a range of materials, using imagination and creativity.

When learning about great and historic Artists, Architects and Designers the children move towards recording their findings in greater detail and making intricate observations. Children evaluate and analyse the work of historic Artists using the vocabulary and language of Art and Design. By the end of KS2 the children can compare their work to that of Artists and Designers and record their experiences and the creative process they have taken. 


Artists, Craft Makers and Designers that our children cover through our Art and Design curriculum: 


Year 1 – Andrew Goldsworthy, Peter Thorpe, Andy Warhol,  Mark Chagall

Year 2 – J.M.W Turner, Anne Wilson, Quentin Blake, William Morris

Year 3 – Georges Seurat

Year 4 – Frida Kahlo, Henri Rousseau

Year 5 – Banksy, Pablo Picasso

Year 6 – Paul Nash, Henri Matisse, Leonardo Da Vinci


A Whole School Challenge

Inspired by Andrew Goldsworthy, we are challenging our creative children to create artwork using nothing by nature and natural materials. Below are some examples of Andy Goldsworthy's beautiful and exciting artwork that takes objects from nature and using pattern, shape and colour, creates a work of art.

What will you create? Please hand in your wonderful pieces to Miss Kinderman - and have fun!

Watch this space to see what the children put forward!