Newick Church of England Primary School

'Life in all its fullness' John 10:10


Curriculum Aims

Wisdom - We want our children to have specific skills and knowledge for biology, chemistry and physics and understand the methods and processes and uses of science. We want our pupils to focus on the key features of scientific enquiry including: scientific questions, observing over time, pattern seeking, identifying, classifying, conducting fair tests and researching using secondary sources.

Independence - We would like our children to be encouraged to engage meaningfully in more sophisticated discussion of experimental design and control.

Creativity - to understand the power of exploration and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.

Kindness - We want our pupils to understand how science is vital to our world's future prosperity.


Science Progression at Newick Church of England Primary School

Progression of Questions and Vocabulary

Progression of scientific skills

Click on the blocks below to find out more about our progression of questions and vocabulary. 

 Earth, Space and Seasonal ChangesPlantsAnimals Including Humans


 The theme for Science Week 2022 was growth.   Each year group took part in a whole school investigation to find out whether hand gel or soap was the most effective in stopping bacteria from growing.   KS1 grew bacteria on bread whilst KS2 used AGAR to grow bacteria on petri dishes.  They swabbed different areas of the school to find out which grew the most bacteria and then wiped the area with wipes before swabbing the area again.  We shared our findings in a whole school assembly after a very engaging and interesting science week.

In addition to this, we have done further investigations surrounding growth in the natural area.


Science Week 2022