Newick Church of England Primary School

'Life in all its fullness' John 10:10


Please note, the school is open to pupils from 8:45am - 3:15pm 

The school is proud of its high level of attendance. We believe very strongly that good attendance is critical to every child’s education and that there is clear evidence that missing any time in school has a detrimental effect on outcomes in the short and long term.  Moreover, a child missing school is likely to have a negative impact on the rest of the school community, creating more work for teachers and potentially disrupting class dynamics and progress. The governors and all staff understand that children will suffer from illness on occasion and may, from time to time, be reluctant to attend school.  We encourage all parents and carers who may be struggling to get a child to school to speak to their class teacher or senior leaders as soon as possible so support can be given.

It has long been part of the attendance policy not to authorise term time holidays, in line with national and local authority guidance.  In order to bring the school further into line with the local authority and other schools in the area, the governors have decided that the school will now request that the local authority issues fixed penalty notices for significant unauthorised term time absence as set out in the policy (please see below). 

A request for leave of absence must be applied for on a form available as a download below or from the School Office.

There are, in addition to fixed holidays, other closures known as INSET Days when teachers are on courses in order to familiarise themselves with new curriculum demands. Parents are informed of these additional days in ample time. They are usually added on to existing holidays where possible to ease child-minding arrangements.

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